Ethical Failures of the COVID-19 Era

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Michael Tomlinson The two narratives about the Covid-19 pandemic continue to clash as evidence mounts about the actual outcomes of the extraordinary strategies governments deployed to try and contain the epidemic. Has the emerging evidence vindicated the decisions governments have been making over the past three years? In particular, were they ethically justified in imposing […]

Risk of All-cause and Cardiac-related Mortality after Vaccination Against COVID-19: A Meta-analysis of Self-controlled Case Series Studies

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Greg Marchand et al. Self-controlled case series (SCCS) is a novel study design uniquely equipped to ethically quantify the safety of vaccination. We sought out to perform a meta-analysis on all SCCS assessing mortality associated with COVID-19 vaccination in the immediate post-vaccination period. We included SCCS investigating the safety of COVID-19 vaccination and reporting all-cause […]

Moderna 16.2.7 Adverse Event Listings

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Listing Listing Serious Adverse Events in Open-Label Phase Safety Set Listing Serious Treatment-Related Adverse Events in Open-Label Phase Safety Set Listing Death Listing in Open-Label Phase Safety Set Image: Mufid Majnun @ Unsplash

Chronology for Covid & SARS-CoV-2 PCR and Metagenomics

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Eric F. Coppolino/Chiron Return A chronology tells you what happened when. It puts things in order. In times of chaosand experience coming at us simultaneously and from all directions and all viewpoints, this is a revolutionary act. When mayhem is the vehicle of oppression, organization is rebellion. When misinformation is a weapon, assembling documented facts […]

More on the Issue of “Placebo” Batches

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Sasha Latypova … I am fairly certain that there were no saline placebo batches in broad commercial distribution (with exception of televised injections of government officials and dedicated Pfizer/Moderna employee batches). Here is why. Vax substance visually looks different from normal saline, because it is formulated as a special type of hydrogel. Also, Melissa MacAtee, […]