CranioSacral Therapies: Three Bodies, One Heart

Sharon Desjarlais In 1948, William Sutherland had an “Aha” moment that expanded his perspective on cranial osteopathy, a field he created that eventually gave birth to three bodies of CranioSacral Therapy: Upledger, Biodynamic and Visionary. Years earlier he noticed the beveled sutures of a disarticulated skull and realized the cranium must be built for motion. […]

How CranioSacral Therapy May Contribute to Brain Health

Tad Wanveer Brain function results, generally speaking, from the formation, movement and use of molecules inside of and between brain cells. Molecular processes may be hampered when cell structure is distorted, even when these distortions are exceedingly minute. In this article, I’ll discuss one likely corrective route by which CranioSacral Therapy can enhance brain structure: […]