Deep in the Wombs of Women: The Hidden Harm of Covid Vaccines

woman in brown shirt covering her face

Mary Beth Pfeiffer Organized by a group called “Where’s my cycle,” the rally focused on intimate revelations: heavy bleeding, unprecedented pain, humiliation, and elemental physical changes. These symptoms began, not coincidentally, at the start of 2021, when women put out their arms and took, or were coerced by employers to take, covid-19 vaccinations. The 300 […]

More Worrying Data on Menstrual Changes Following mRNA Vaccination

HART group A new peer-reviewed paper has been published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by a team in Israel. They compared 3 cycles of menstruation before and after 2 doses of the Pfizer mRNA injection in 219 women aged between 18 and 50 who regularly record their periods electronically or on paper. […]