Dental Problems & Homeopathy

Phil Wander The scope for homeopathy in dental  practice is broad. Help is at hand for a range of different ailments  people commonly experience – pain, discomfort, inflammation, bleeding.  It can have a role in calming dental anxieties, speeding recovery and  making the experience in the dentist’s chair generally a bit more  comfortable. Nobody really […]

Big Pharms’ Fall: Untold Dental History

Ron Carlson An aspect of general infection theory was the focal theory of infection that asserted that “dental foci” could impact the general health of humans.  That these small entities known as bacteria could migrate to other parts through the circulatory system of the body and set up foci of that infection in other organs […]

Oral Microbiota: A New View of Body Health

Maoyang Lu, Songyu Xuan, Zhao Wang Oral microbiota is an important part of the human microbiota. Oral microbes can be colonized into the intestine in various ways. Oral microbiota is associated with a variety of oral diseases. Recently, increasing evidence has shown that the oral microbiota is closely related to the physical state of humans, […]

Fluoride Exposure and Human Health Risks: A Fact Sheet from the IAOMT

International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicity Although fluoride exists naturally in the environment, human exposure to fluoride has drastically increased since the 1940s. Since that time, an array of products containing fluoride and its compounds have been introduced to the average consumer, especially due to fluoride’s alleged role in cavities prevention. … The impact […]

Dental Products

Fluoride Action Network Many dental products contain dangerously high levels of fluoride. For years, manufacturers and dentists failed to warn consumers about the risks from ingesting these products. Although the FDA now requires manufacturers to warn consumers that fluoride products are poisonous when swallowed, manufacturers and dentists are still using these products in ways that […]