Benefits and Risks of Dietary Supplements Licensed by Health Canada

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Paul Filiatrault This essay will address some key questions about dietary supplements, also known as natural health products (NHPs). Facts about NHP benefits and risks, from Canada and USA publications, will be examined. A performance audit of Health Canada’s oversight of the NHP Regulations will be presented. My perspective is based on education, personal experiences, […]

Dietary Supplements and Wellness: A Pragmatist’s Primer

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Michael Passwater/Orthomolecular Medicine News Service There are over 50,000 dietary supplement products marketed in the United States, and approximately 75% of Americans take at least one dietary supplement regularly. Supplement consumers are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle: to exercise, eat a balanced diet, visit their doctor regularly, and regularly get a good night’s […]

Food Fortification and Supplement Use – Are There Health Implications?

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Mridul Datta and Mara Z. Vitolins Dietary supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S., and their use is increasing exponentially. Additionally, many foods and beverages are increasingly being fortified with single or multiple vitamins and minerals. Consequently, nutrient intakes are exceeding the safe limits established by the Institute of Medicine. In this paper, […]