Agrohomeopathy: An Emerging Field of Agriculture for Higher Crop Productivity and Protection of Plants against Various Stress Conditions

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Sushobhan Sen et al. Agrohomeopathy is one of the newest approaches in agricultural research. In recent years various scientific studies showed that potentised homeopathic medicines can alter physiological activities of plants. It can alter the rate of enzymatic activities, total sugar, protein and cholophyll contents in plants. Eradication of biotic and abiotic stresses upto some […]

How the Monkeypox Scam Mirrors the COVID Scam–Unbelievable

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Meryl Nass Just like the COVID vaccines, turns out that in the animal experiments, Jynneos did not stop monkeys getting monkeypox, but did stop them from dying.  Since the current strain of monkeypox is mild, and virtually no one dies from monkeypox, this is another reason to avoid these dangerous vaccines like the plague—they won’t […]