The Truth about LED Lightbulbs, It’s Not What You Think

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William S. Bathgate Building Biology Environmental Consultant William S. Bathgate discusses the downsides of LED lighting. That includes the hidden costs and the unhealthful high frequency dirty electricity. He has decades of experience in EMF radiation and its amelioration. Image: Fotorech @ Pixabay

17 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Dirty Electricity & EMFs

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Lloyd Burrell Electricity was originally introduced to the mass population in the form of a long-lasting, practical light bulb by Edison. In just over a century, electricity has brought with it an incredible range of technological innovations. But this technological tale is not totally a happy one. While we lead more convenient lives, our modern- […]

Dirty Electricity: Invisible Role in the US Health Crisis?

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Richard Lear [A] dramatic rise in chronic disease, medical conditions and stress symptoms have arisen in the past thirty years in the US. Between 1990-2015 Americans experienced a surge of more than 400 million cases of just thirty-six fast growing germless chronic conditions. This calculates to about 1.3 cases of a new chronic condition per […]