What Does – and Doesn’t – Make Us Sick

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Tow Cowan What makes us sick and what doesn’t make us sick? To answer that question, our first step is to understand how we as human beings come to know something. There are two basic ways. First, we can have a sensory experience of something that tells us that this thing is real. We might […]

Genetically Engineered Salad Greens Coming to Grocery Stores – and They Won’t Be Labeled

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Joseph Mercola Pairwise, an agricultural biotechnology company, created Conscious Greens Purple Power Baby Greens Blend, the !rst CRISPR-edited food available to U.S. consumers. The company used CRISPR, or clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat, to edit mustard greens’ DNA, removing a gene that gives them their pungent flavor. The greens are !rst being rolled out in restaurants in […]

Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 Shots

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Joseph Mercola Microbiologist Kevin McKernan — a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project — has discovered massive DNA contamination in the mRNA COVID shots, including simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters SV40 has been linked to cancer in humans, including mesotheliomas, lymphomas and cancers of the brain and bone. In 2002, […]

Making Sense of Medicine: Biophotons: The Light of Life

Bob Keller What is a biophoton? When thinking about light, we usually think about light waves. Light waves are a kind of electromagnetic radiation that we can see and that has color, based on how fast the wave is vibrating, its frequency. Lower frequencies are toward the red color, and higher frequencies toward violet. There […]

Human Electromagnetism: Frontiers and Theories

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Eugenio Lepine Most of the information in the previous posts has consensus in the scientific community. However, information about human electromagnetism is still incomplete. Many pieces of the puzzle are waiting to be discovered. We need scientific consensus about how many electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are in the human body, and if there is one global electromagnetic field. […]