Coatings on Fresh Produce and the 2023 Apeel Controversy, Edible Films: Extending Shelf-Life and Preserving an Appealing Appearance

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OrganicEye (White Paper) The FDA has created groups of specific related foods for the purpose of establishing acceptable tolerances and/or to set limitations for the use of direct human food ingredients. Waxes and coatings fall under the category of surface-finishing agents. These are “…substances used to increase palatability, preserve gloss, and inhibit discoloration of foods, […]

Peeling Back Apeel

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Alliance For Natural Health There’s a new kid on the block that’s garnered a huge amount of attention recently after a datasheet (, allegedly detailing the toxic nature of its new product to extend the lifespan of fruit and vegetables, went viral. Apeel Sciences is a US based company that’s partnered with the Gates Foundation […]