Whole Eggs Raise Levels of This Valuable Hormone

bread with sunny side-up egg served on white ceramic plate

GreenMedInfo Research Group Are you eating egg whites as a lean protein source? Eating whole eggs may be healthier and lead to greater benefits bodywide, including boosting levels of an important hormone. Image: Ben Kolde @ Unsplash

USDA’s Phony ‘Animal Welfare’ Rule and Other Shenanigans

two brown chickens sticks heads out from coop

Joseph Mercola Draft regulation currently under consideration would legalize factory farm conditions for organic chickens. While the proposed rule claims to protect and improve “animal welfare” in organic farming, all it will accomplish is the further destruction of independent organic farmers who do things right and therefore cannot compete with “organic” mega-corporations that can sell […]


NCBI Bookshelf Choline has multiple roles as an essential nutrient. A major dietary component found in eggs and liver, its absorption in the intestine is mediated by choline transporters. The majority of choline is used to synthesize phosphatidylcholine, the predominant lipid in cell membranes. As well as being essential in the synthesis of membrane components, […]