A New Concept of Biotensegrity Incorporating Liquid Tissues: Blood and Lymph

Bruno Bordoni et al. The definition of fascia includes tissues of mesodermal derivation, considered as specialized connective tissue: blood and lymph. As water shapes rocks, bodily fluids modify shapes and functions of bodily structures. Bodily fluids are silent witnesses of the mechanotransductive information, allowing adaptation and life, transporting biochemical and hormonal signals. While the solid […]

Biotensegrity – The Mechanics of Fascia

Stephen M. Levin Fascia is the fabric of the body; not the vestments, covering the corpus, but the warp and weft of the material. The other tissues, muscle and bone, liver and lung, gut and urinary, brain and endocrine, are embroidered into the fascial fabric. Remove all other tissues from their fascial bed and the […]

Biotensegrity: The Structural Basis of Life

Graham Scarr … In order to properly understand health, dysfunction and disease we must first examine how the body is organized—the architecture of the system and the way that it operates—and that means starting at the beginning. Biotensegrity is increasingly recognized as a more thorough explanation of the mechanics of motion. It examines the basic […]