James Caleb Jackson and Bernarr Macfadden: Natural Health Pioneers in Dansville, New York

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Andrew W. Saul … Those who would speak only of the eccentricities of the health “faddists” marginalize their many lasting medical contributions. Too much of what the public hears today effectively distracts it from the real success nature-cure advocates have achieved. When we dwell less on the practitioners’ personalities, and focus more on their actual […]

What if Cancer is Not a Disease But a Cure

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Northern Tracey There are so many different theories about what cancer is. The conventional theory is our own cells get out of control (proliferating) and stop dying like normal cells would after a given time period. (Different body cells have differing life-spans and the natural death of a cell is called apoptosis). They carry on […]

Can a Whole-Plant-Food Diet Help Lupus?

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Matthieu Bonjour et al. Diet is emerging as a cost-effective treatment for chronic inflammatory conditions, including autoimmune disorders such as lupus. There are reports showing that fasting and plant-food diets improved clinical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune condition.