Ideological Possession Is the Real Pandemic

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Robin Koerner Recent years have been dominated by a deadly viral disease. Older forms of the disease have always been present in the population at lower levels, but about three years ago, the latest form rapidly took hold of our entire population, reaching pandemic levels and affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Its consequences […]

Mass Propagation – Death Stress

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Debi Evans It is not uncommon for a person, at some point in their life, to wonder or worry about death. … However, there is a small percentage of the population who su er with death anxiety, known as thanatophobia. If a fear is so prevalent and it affects your daily life, then it becomes […]

We Need a Robust Ethical Framework to Curb the State’s Use of Behavioural Science

Gary Sidley Since the advent of the covid-19 era in early 2020, many countries across the world have deployed behavioural science interventions – often referred to as ‘nudges’ – to strengthen their communication strategies and thereby increase compliance with the pandemic restrictions and subsequent vaccine rollout. These state-sponsored psychological methods of persuasion raise important ethical […]

What Has Changed Regarding Asymptomatic Spread?

Clare Craig The concept of asymptomatic transmission formed the foundation for the belief that lockdown was necessary and might work and for mask wearing and amplified the atmosphere of fear with the idea that anyone could be a threat. … At the time it was possible to conclude that the global evidence of transmission from […]

The Generation of Children Raised by Fear

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Molly Kingsley, Liz Cole … Fuelled by that fear, we locked our young in their rooms for days on end, padlocked their playgrounds and stopped them from seeing their grandparents and friends … Fuelled by fear we breached our species’ most basic social compact: to protect our young, abandoning at so many touch points our […]