Pfizer, FDA, Dr Walensky Knew Fetuses, Babies Died

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Naomi Wolf Pfizer’s latest-released tranche of internal documents — which the FDA sought a court to keep hidden for 75 years — confirms that Pfizer knew that women who had been “exposed” to the vaccine — including prior to pregnancy – were sustaining spontaneous abortions and miscarriages. … Pfizer knew perfectly well that it was harming multiple […]

Microplastics Could Cross Over from Mother to Fetus, Study Shows

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Suzanne Burdick The authors of a peer-reviewed study showing microplastics passed pregnant rats’ intestinal and placental barriers, leading to impaired fetal development, concluded the same could be true for humans. The study, published in Nanomaterials, is the rst to show that microplastics fed to pregnant mammals can reach fetal tissues. … “It is certainly not […]

Prenatal Care, American Style – A Trojan Horse for Harmful Interventions?

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Children’s Health Defense Team he United States’ disgraceful infant and maternal mortality rates — higher than in any other wealthy nation — raise questions about what to do to lessen the risk of complications during delivery and postpartum. In this regard, government health agencies often highlight the importance of prenatal care. In fact, increasing “early and adequate prenatal […]