The Link between Food and Mental Health

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Rebecca A. Clay Can nutrition affect your mental health? A growing research literature suggests the answer could be yes. Western-style dietary habits, in particular, come under special scrutiny in much of this research. … And small dietary changes can make a big difference.  … Such studies are part of the growing evidence base within nutritional […]

Nanotechnology – the New Threat to Food

Georgia Miller Following on from genetic engineering, nanotechnology represents the latest high technology attempt to infiltrate our food supply. Senior scientists have warned that nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, introduces serious new risks to human and environmental health. Yet in the absence of public debate, or oversight from […]

What is Culinary Medicine and What Does It Do?

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John La Puma Over the past 35 years, a new enthusiasm has emerged about the relationship of food, eating, and cooking to personal health and wellness.1 Though there are few peer- reviewed publications, grant monies, books, or biomedical journals entitled ‘‘culinary medicine,’’ there are thousands of peer-reviewed publications, found mainly in mainstream medical journals that […]

Food as Medicine: How Food and Diet Impact the Treatment of Disease and Disease Management

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Center for Food as Medicine Using food for prevention and treatment of disease has a long history and documented efficacy. In fact, evidence indicates that sustained dietary changes can be as effective as pharmacological interventions in treating certain diseases, especially in the early stages of the disease. In some instances, a long- term, specific diet […]

3 Reasons Food is Getting More Toxic

Joseph Mercola Toxicity in food comes from several sources. Toxic influences during the plants’ growth phase include phosphate fertilizer (which has a radioactive component), waste sludge and glyphosate. Up to 90% of the phosphorous is lost through the supply chain from mining to final fertilizer, and the losses are poorly documented, making it difficult to […]