Gene Drives in Plants: Opportunities and Challenges for Weed Control and Engineered Resilience

green leaf vegetable

Luke G. Barrett et al. Plant species, populations and communities are under threat from climate change, invasive pathogens, weeds and habitat fragmentation. Despite considerable research effort invested in genome engineering for crop improvement, the development of genetic tools for the management of wild plant populations has rarely been given detailed consideration. Gene drive systems that […]

Experts’ Moral Views on Gene Drives Technologies: A Qualitative Interview Study

N. de Graeff et al. Gene drive technologies (GDTs) promote the rapid spread of a particular genetic element within a population of non-human organisms. Potential applications of GDTs include the control of insect vectors, invasive species and agricultural pests. Whether, and if so, under what conditions, GDTs should be deployed is hotly debated. Although broad […]

The Shadowy Line Between the DoD and Pharmaceutical Companies

NE – Would people have so willingly run to the Covid-19 vaccination centres if they had known they were taking part in a US Department of Defense (DoD) experiment? Would they have endured lockdowns if they realised that they were only brought in to make people su er and therefore beg for a vaccine? […]