mRNA: Vaccine or Gene Therapy? Regulatory Issues

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Helene Banoun Vaccines escape some of the controls required for human drugs (without scientific justification). However, mRNA vaccines, which represent a new class of vaccine, should be subject to more controls than conventional vaccines because they are based on several new technologies. Conventional vaccines could be replaced by mRNA vaccines and anti-cancer “vaccines” (actually therapies) […]

Current State of Knowledge on the Excretion of mRNA and Spike Produced by anti-COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Possibility of Contamination of the Entourage of Those Vaccinated by these Products

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Helene Banoun The massive COVID-19 vaccination campaign is the first time that mRNA vaccines have been used on a global scale. The mRNA vaccines correspond exactly to the definition of gene therapy of the American and European regulatory agencies. The regulations require excretion studies of these drugs and their products (the translated proteins). These studies […]

“Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model?” Goldman Sachs Analysts Ask

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Beth Mole One-shot cures for diseases are not great for business—more specifically, they’re bad for longterm profits—Goldman Sachs analysts noted in an April 10 report for biotech clients … The investment banks’ report, titled “The Genome Revolution,” asks clients the touchy question: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” The answer may be “no,” according […]

Can mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Alter Your DNA? Here’s What the CDC and ‘Fact-Checkers’ Got Wrong.

Jeremy R. Hammond The entire “public health” establishment and the mainstream media’s censorship-promoting “fact checkers” have maintained since even before mRNA COVID‑19 vaccines were available that scientists know with absolute certainty that the mRNA from the vaccines cannot alter human DNA. However, the arguments used to support that conclusion consist of factual and logical errors. One argument presented by […]