Low Battery

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Mike Stone Congestion. Runny nose. Sneezing. Headache. Sore eyes. Scratchy throat. Dry cough. Digestion issues (enough said). It sounds like I must have come down with the dreaded “Covid-19,” or any of the identical diseases it cannot be differentiated from, after my 16-day vacation … I must have encountered one of those invisible-to-the-naked-eye pathogenic boogeymen […]

Your Cold is the Cure

Amandha Dawn Vollmer There are no contagious germs, just contagious habits. Knowing that your expressive symptoms are the body’s mechanism for communication and healing is something “big harma” doesn’t want you to be empowered with. Are you full of toxins and are operating nutritionally deficient? Well, there’s your trouble. The change of seasons is one […]

The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy

Dawn Lester The vast majority of people around the world believe that the healthcare system promoted by the agencies responsible for public health, especially the WHO, is firmly based on ‘sound science’. This system, known as ‘modern medicine’, is perceived to represent an ‘elite’ branch of science, which suggests that any other approach to healthcare […]

Antibodies & Immunity: Dispelling Two More Myths

Dawn Lester The immune system is claimed to ‘remember’ each antigen so that it can protect itself through the production of the ‘right antibodies’ against a further attack by that antigen. This ‘protection’ is referred to as ‘immunity’ … It is clear that antibodies and immunity are inextricably interconnected and that both are entirely reliant […]

RSV Nonsense

Amandha Dawn Vollmer RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) has been part of the fear agenda as of late. Let me rip the bandaid off, there is no such virus. Actually, there are no viruses at all. Truth in this realm has been inverted completely. So what is happening when we have a lung expression that they […]

Pleomorphism and Germ Theory Explained

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Elizabeth Clemons The accepted biological paradigm today, which has led to the development of the pleomorphism and germ theory, is Monomorphism (Gr. mónos: single + morphē: form). This paradigm, developed by Louis Pasteur and other scientists, states that all microorganisms only have one possible form and do not have the ability to evolve into different […]

Germ Theory Versus Terrain: The Wrong Side Won the Day

Merinda Teller Whereas most Americans probably have heard of Louis Pasteur (1822–1895), it is doubtful that many are familiar with the name and work of Antoine Béchamp (1816– 1908). The two nineteenth-century researchers were scientific contemporaries, compatriots and fellow members of the French Academy of Science, but key differences in their views on biology and […]