All Terrain: It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift

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Mike Stone When I initially began to question the fraud of virology, a big influence on my ability to push away the germ theory indoctrination that I had been subjected to for the majority of my life was learning that there was in fact an alternate theory for how disease manifests. This theory is known […]

Killing the Germ Theory

Amandha Dawn Vollmer Since microorganisms are pleomorphic (they change shape) based on the pH and toxicity of the terrain, how can they be categorized and said to cause a specific disease? And then how can you make a “shot” for them? How can something even have “immunity” to them when they are your own cells […]

Germ or Terrain? Consensus or Hypothesis?

The Covid Physician Ever felt there is something wrong with virology? Particularly virus vaccinology? The whole shebang is riddled rife with failure, contradiction, inconsistency, conjecture and anti-science. Moreover, the exceptions to this imprecise orthodoxy seem only to bow to corporate and political convenience, never to proper science. Covid has brought the suspicion closer to an […]