Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s Disease

nerve cells, neurons, nervous system In GNM, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease are what Dr. Hamer refers to as cancer equivalents or cancer equivalent disorders, in other words – a disorder reflecting functional changes. Blood sugar and sensory changes fall into this category as well. Both disorders, although deemed incurable through a conventional lens have a much more optimistic […]

A New Light on Breast Cancer

Woman Holding Pink Ribbon The German New Medicine teaches us that there are two fundamental types of breast cancer, glandular and ductal. As we look at glandular – the biological conflict is a territorial nest-worry (the worry over the well-being of a loved one.) It can also center around an argument, a quarrel or rift regarding a nest or […]


baby, cry, sad … here is a very basic understanding of the autistic state from the perspective of German New Medicine. Emotional disorders such as Autism involve multiple biological conflict-shocks in opposing halves of the brain, referred to as constellations. In other words, one active conflict on each hemisphere in direct opposition. Think a constellation of stars […]

Kidney Collecting Tubules Constellation (German New Medicine) Disorientation, a loss of sense of time, and confusion are symptoms of so-called Alzheimer’s disease (see also Alzheimer’s with short-term memory loss and dementia related to a (Post)Sensory Cortex Constellation). In conventional medicine it is assumed that Alzheimer’s is either genetic, caused by a B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism, systemic infections, or the consequence of a stroke. Dr. Hamer’s research shows that the mental condition presented with […]

Review of the Germanic/German New Medicine of the Discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Ilsedora Laker After twenty years of research and therapy with over 31,000 patients, Dr. Hamer finally established firmly, logically and empirically how biological conflict-shock results in a cold cancerous or necrotic phase and how, if the conflict is resolved, the cancerous or necrotic process is reversed to repair the damage and return the individual to […]

The Nature of Tumors

red round fruits on white and blue surface

Caroline Markolin … when we suffer unexpected emotional stress, the ”conflict shock“ impacts in an area in the brain that is programmed to deal with exactly the particular type of distress experienced. From over 40,000 case studies, Dr. Hamer established that when the brain receives the impact, which is visible on a brain scan, the […]