Cancer Therapy with Phytochemicals: Evidence from Clinical Studies

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Azar Hosseini and Ahmad Ghorbani Cancer is still one of the major causes of mortality in both developing and developed countries. At present, in spite of intensive interventions, a large number of patients suffer from poor prognosis. Therefore, the effort for finding new anticancer agents with better efficacy and lesser side effects has been continued. […]

Green tea Compound Aids p53, ‘Guardian of the Genome’ and Tumor Suppressor

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute An antioxidant found in green tea may increase levels of p53, a natural anti-cancer protein, known as the “guardian of the genome” for its ability to repair DNA damage or destroy cancerous cells. Published today in Nature Communications, a study of the direct interaction between p53 and the green tea compound, epigallocatechin […]