Experts Blame Feds for Pharma Corruption

Lauren Vogel There are many shades of pharma corruption, according to the World Health Organization, from exaggerating or hiding safety and effectiveness data to seeking shortcuts in regulation and bribingprescribers.… Corruption is “endemic” because it’s profitable, and companies that “refuse to play the game”lose their market share, he [Marc-André Gagnon] explained. “Don’t blame the companies,” […]

Your Prescription Drugs Are About to Become Less Safe if Health Canada Has Its Way

Joel Lexchin In a little-noticed announcement in October 2017, Health Canada signalled its intention to raise the fees that drug makers will have to pay when they want to get a new medication on the market. These user fees currently fund about 50 per cent of Health Canada’s operating budget for regulating prescription drugs. Health […]

Urgent Canadian Action is Needed on PFAS – the Forever Chemicals

Bev Thorpe The class of chemicals called PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are often referred to as ‘the forever chemicals’ because they are highly persistent in the environment and will take hundreds if not thousands of years to disappear from the soil and groundwater where they accumulate … As we now know, two substances in […]

Whoa! Calling All Pharmacists to Stop the Shots

person holding white plastic tube

Followingthecovidscience … When it comes to these life and death matters (including quality of life and life-long treatment expenses for the vaccine injured) not to mention the mental health of those ordered to actually give the injections, given the reports coming from the field, there must be an extremely high standard of evidence, before further injections […]

Known Toxin In Your Hand Sanitizer

person holding white plastic spray bottle

Lucy Crisetig Health Canada has been promoting the over use of a known toxin. Hand sanitizers are everywhere and used more often now than ever … What they don’t tell you is that there’s an ingredient that’s dangerous to your health in those hand sanitizers.

Health Canada Switches to Mainly Pharmaceutical Funding

Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada (DATAC) Before user fees were introduced in 1994, Health Canada was entirely funded by tax dollars. Now, with the majority of its funding arising directly from the pharmaceutical industry, questions have been raised about whether or not the goal of drug companies to sell their products in vast […]

Health Canada Wants More Funds from Pharma

Lauren Vogel Health policy experts told CMAJ that parliamentary oversight of cost recovery is particularly important given the potential for conflicts of interest as Canada looks to increase its dependence on industry fees. “The more you get your money from a private source, the more you may consciously or unconsciously see yourself as being in […]