Time to Rethink the Core Question: What is Health Care?

Alan Lash By now we’ve all heard many stories of health policy makers, medical institutions, and even doctors seemingly act against the best health interests of the people and their patients. Doctors ignoring the real facts that Covid was never that dangerous for large swaths of the population, and equally ignoring that the vaccinations may […]

Medical Aid in Dying: What Matters Most?

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Peter Tanuseputro With the passing of Bill C-14, Canadians who are mentally competent adults suffering from a grievous and irremediable medical condition may now seek medical aid in dying. The policy has already resulted in ripples of controversy. For example, some large faith-based hospitals currently do not allow medical aid in dying on their premises, […]

The Court Decision That Could Help Fix Canadian Healthcare

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Christine Van Geyn One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed with painful clarity is the woeful inadequacy of Canada’s healthcare system. The system showed that it could not handle the onslaught, but even now, as COVID cases and hospitalizations have been trending down, multiple Ontario hospitals are overwhelmed. The system is in dire need of […]

Scientism, Not Science, Rules the Roost

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Joseph Mercola Science has long been regarded as a stronghold of logic and reason. Scientists don’t draw conclusions based on emotions, feelings or sheer faith. It’s all about building a body of reproducible evidence. Well, that’s what it used to be, but as technocracy and transhumanism have risen to the fore, it has brought with […]