The Story of a Great Delusion

Amandha Dawn Vollmer … The book The Story of a Great Delusion by William White from 1885 discusses the disgusting and deadly practices of the charlatan Edward “Fast Eddy” Jenner with variolation and vaccination regarding cowpox and smallpox that killed and maimed thousands of children. The mothers, particularly, were screaming from the rooftops during this […]

Why Do Vaccines Consistently Fail to Prevent Disease Transmission?

Four Covid19 Vials and An Injection

A Midwestern Doctor As I was putting together this article, I realized that one of the major issues we face when evaluating this topic is determining exactly what constitutes “herd immunity” (a surprisingly amorphous term) and how to evaluate if a vaccine improves or worsens each rendition of it. … In many cases, vaccines do […]

Why the COVID-19 Vaccines Could Never Prevent Transmission

A Midwestern Doctor … An understandable degree of outrage has emerged following a recent testimony from a Pfizer executive in front of Belgium’s parliament that the vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission was never tested. I would argue that while this outrage is understandable, the bigger issue is that this lack of testing was abundantly clear […]

The Politics of Natural Infection

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Jeffrey A. Tucker From the very outset of this pandemic, the topic of natural infection has been a taboo. To suggest that anyone might have been better off risking infection and thereby gaining immunity from a respiratorial virus rather than hiding under the sofa for two years was seen as outrageous and irresponsible.  My theory […]

The Misunderstood Theory of Herd Immunity

Marco Cáceres Because of the recent outbreaks of measles in the United States and the re-energized public debate about vaccines and vaccination policy, we’re again starting to hear references to the theory of “herd immunity.” The theory is the foundation for the mass vaccination campaigns around the world. It currently stipulates that in order to […]

The Deadly Impossibility of Herd Immunity Through Vaccination

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Russell L. Blaylock … When public-health officers are asked for the legal justification for such draconian measures as forcing people to accept vaccines that they deem either a clear and present danger to themselves and their loved ones or have had personal experience with serious adverse reactions to such vaccines, they usually resort to the […]

COVID-19/SARS-CoV2: An Exploration

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The White Rose WE ARE AT A CRITICAL TIME IN HUMANITY’S JOURNEY … how we act now will build the future for our children. Whatever our beliefs, views, expertise and perspectives are, we must all participate in this unfolding situation with the best clarity and open heartedness that we can bring. This journey of research […]