The Interface Between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine

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Dana Ullman These are all critical questions that will be increasingly asked as growing numbers of health professionals incorporate homeopathic medicines into their practice. The answers to these questions will not be hard and fast, for each sick person brings his or her own unique illness to the clinic, and each sick person has his […]

Role of Homeopathy on Infectious Diseases and Alternatives to Antibiotics

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Don J. Scott Berin Towards the end of Louis Pasteur’s life, he confessed that germs may not be the cause of disease after all, but may simply be another symptom of disease. He had come to realize that germs seem to lead to illness primarily when the person’s immune and defense system (what biologists call […]

The Case FOR Homeopathic Medicine: The Historical and Scientific Evidence

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Dana Ullman A lot of people today are confused about what homeopathy is (and isn’t), and this situation is not helped by the skeptics of homeopathy who go to incredible extents to exaggerate and misconstrue what homeopathic medicine is and who commonly provide misinformation about it. It is more than a tad ironic that these […]

Homeopathy and Anemia

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Anke Zimmermann Anemia is de ned as a decrease in the total amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood (the iron-containing molecules in our red blood cells that carry oxygen) or a lowered ability of the blood to carry oxygen for another reason. Because all human cells require oxygen to function, low […]

Bowel Nosodes – a Boon to Homoeopathy

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C. P. Sharma et al. Bowel nosodes are the medicines prepared by attenuating the cultures of non-lactose fermenting bacilli of intestinal flora. The concept of bowel nosodes was developed first by Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) and continued by John Paterson (1890- 1955) and his wife, Elizabeth. With due time, bowel nosodes have proven to be […]

Homeopathy: A Healthier Way to Treat Depression?

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Dana Ullman There are numerous theories for why the number of people suffering from mental illness is increasing and why it is afflicting people at younger and younger ages. The homeopathic analysis for this epidemic is unique and may provide additional insight as to why this is occurring. … Homeopaths, like modern-day physiologists, understand that […]

Homeopathic Medicine and the Immune System

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Dana Ullman … there are two primary approaches to treating ill people. He said that there are therapeutic techniques that directly impact specific symptoms, and there are methods that stimulate the body’s own immune and defense system. Whereas conventional medical treatments today tend to focus on the former goal of treating or controlling symptoms, various […]