How to Ensure Optimal Hormonal Development in Your Child

A Close-Up Shot of a Delicious Breakfast

Sally Fallon During the last few years, a development long simmering in the background, the increased incidence of gender dysphoria—reduced sexual dimorphism and confusion about the defining behaviors of male and female—has appeared on the front pages of our newspapers and in headlines on the Internet. As early as 1948, Dr. Francis Pottenger warned about […]

Wise Choices, Healthy Bodies: Diet for the Prevention of Women’s Diseases

Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig In order to produce estrogen and progesterone as required for the reproductive cycle, the body needs adequate amounts of cholesterol, because all the sex hormones are made from this vital substance. For this reason alone vegetarian diets for women are unwise as vegetarian diets will lower cholesterol. … The […]