Right to Health, A Comparative Law Perspective: Canada

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Derek J. Jones Study submitted to the European Parliamentary Research Service This study explores Canada’s right to health largely as expressed through Canadian federal law … Part I begins by summarizing selected historical and contemporary dangers to the health of Canadians, including the challenges of the global Covid pandemic. Part II examines relevant constitutional and […]

The Loss of Trust Is Well Earned

Jeffrey A. Tucker Society is broken at many levels, and the economy too. We face a mental health crisis among young people following two years of unprecedented educational and social disruption. The highest inflation in most people’s lifetimes has people nearly panicked about the future, and that combines with strange and unpredictable shortages.  And we […]

What the Actual WHO is Going On?

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed … A new and not shocking development has occurred with regards to the public participation process on the #PandemicAccord. Despite promising a hearing June 16th and 17th, like we had in April (again, only due to powerful global activism/advocacy), WHO has again broken its commitment to the people, and intends on drafting the #PandemicAccord without a second round […]

The Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccine Policy: Why Mandates, Passports and Restrictions May Cause More Harm Than Good

Kevin Bardosh et al. Vaccination policies have shifted dramatically during COVID-19 with the rapid emergence of population-wide vaccine mandates, domestic vaccine passports and differential restrictions based on vaccination status. While these policies have prompted ethical, scientific, practical, legal and political debate, there has been limited evaluation of their potential unintended consequences. Here, we outline a […]