What Does Water Do For the Brain?

Heights Water plays a vital role in every function of your body. And the following groundbreaking research pinpoints exactly how powerful hydration is for optimal brain health. If you want to experience clearer thinking, better memory and even enhanced focus and concentration, these cognitive benefits are just a sip of water away.

What is Proper Hydration and How Do I Achieve It?

close-up photography of sliced lemons

World Council for Health Many of us have heard the phrase, the human body is made of water. While it is indeed true that the human body contains a lot of water, the presence of all that water doesn’t necessarily mean we’re properly hydrated. In fact, many of us are chronically dehydrated and probably don’t even know […]

Simple Nasal Wash ‘Reduces COVID-19 Severity’

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Sanjeet Bagcchi Simple nasal washes with mild saline water can prevent hospitalisation and deaths from COVID-19, if applied twice daily following a positive diagnosis, according to research led by the US-based Augusta University. Reducing the amount of virus entering the body cuts the severity of the disease, says the study published September in the Ear, […]