More on the Issue of “Placebo” Batches

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Sasha Latypova … I am fairly certain that there were no saline placebo batches in broad commercial distribution (with exception of televised injections of government officials and dedicated Pfizer/Moderna employee batches). Here is why. Vax substance visually looks different from normal saline, because it is formulated as a special type of hydrogel. Also, Melissa MacAtee, […]

National Nanotechnology Initiative Specifically Speaks of Covid 19 Bioweapons as “Nano Technology Enabled” and Plans Many More Nanotechnological “Vaccines”

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Ana Maria Mihalcea Millions of people have been mislead in a concerted e4ort to divert attention from the study of nanotechnology in the C19 shots. Mainstream “freedom doctors” proclaimed that we see nothing but salt, sugar and cholesterol. The analysis of the hydrogel clots was omitted, and Anally, only Mike Adams analyzed them – confirming […]

Can Atmospheric Electricity Contribute to Pilots Collapsing from Blood Clots? How Does Electrically Responsive Hydrogel React under Increasing Voltage of Electrostatic Fields at High Altitude?

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Ana Maria Mihalcea We know that the C19 shots contain lipid nanoparticles with are the components of hydrogel like Polyethylene Glycol in Pfizer and SM 102 in Moderna. Hydrogel is a self assembly polymer that grows under the exposure of electrical and electromagnetic fields. … We have shown how blood changes under low level electrical […]