IgG4 and Cancer – A Mechanism of Action for Cancer Relapse and Onset

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Jessica Rose I refer you all to a paper published in 2016 in Current Allergy and Asthma Reports entitled: “IgG4 Characteristics and Functions in Cancer Immunity”. This paper reveals that not only is there a link between tumor progression and the presence of IgG4 due to class switching, but that this link might even be […]

Sudden Death: The No. 1 Cause of Death for Under 65s in 2021

Joseph Mercola Mounting evidence shows the COVID shots are destroying people’s immune systems and are triggering turbo-charged cancers. A survey by Steve Kirsch found sudden death is the No. 1 cause of death among those under the age of 65 who got the COVID jab. Myocarditis as a cause of death is now registering across […]

Tolerance Cometh: IgG4 After Multiple-mRNA Doses

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Brian Mowrey Spike-overload finally seems to be showing a concrete effect in the repeat-injected: B Cells in two separate cohorts were found to be self-switching to IgG4 class antibodies, associated with tolerance and anti-inflammatory response, after the 3rd dose. … Crescioli, et ak. further offer a theory that immune suppressing IgG4 will have higher affinity […]