Role of Homeopathy on Infectious Diseases and Alternatives to Antibiotics

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Don J. Scott Berin Towards the end of Louis Pasteur’s life, he confessed that germs may not be the cause of disease after all, but may simply be another symptom of disease. He had come to realize that germs seem to lead to illness primarily when the person’s immune and defense system (what biologists call […]

Homeopathic Medicine and the Immune System

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Dana Ullman … there are two primary approaches to treating ill people. He said that there are therapeutic techniques that directly impact specific symptoms, and there are methods that stimulate the body’s own immune and defense system. Whereas conventional medical treatments today tend to focus on the former goal of treating or controlling symptoms, various […]

The Oral Microbiome & Its Impact on Every Other System in the Body

Mark Burhenne The gut is central to human health, and at its core, gut health is determined by the diversity and population of the gut microbiome (also known as gut microbiota or gut flora). In 2000, the US Surgeon General called the mouth “the mirror of health and disease in the body.” It’s not a closed system. If […]

It’s Official: Vitamin D Reduces the Incidence of Autoimmunity

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Michael Passwater Vitamin D has important influences on many phases in the innate branch of the immune system (cellular, complement, antimicrobial peptides, lectins, non-antibody producing aspects of immunity), and also in the adaptive branch of the immune system (antibody-producing aspects of immunity). The adaptive branch of the immune system has two major phases. The effector […]

The Under-reported Role of Toxic Substance Exposures in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Ronald N. Kostoff et al. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and previous pandemics have been viewed almost exclusively as virology problems, with toxicology problems mostly being ignored. This perspective is not supported by the evolution of COVID-19, where the impact of real-life exposures to multiple toxic stressors degrading the immune system is followed by the SARS-CoV-2 […]

The Surge in Childhood Infections: Are mRNA Vaccines the Solution – or the Cause?

Joseph Mercola Hospitals around the U.S. are suddenly struggling to keep up with surging rates of respiratory infections among children, such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), COVID-19, rhinoviruses and in uenza. Moderna is working on an mRNA jab for RSV, which is scheduled for release in 2023. They’re also working on a combination mRNA jab […]

Immunoceuticals: Harnessing Their Immunomodulatory Potential to Promote Health and Wellness

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Sophie Tieu et al. Knowledge that certain nutraceuticals can modulate the immune system is not new. These naturally occurring compounds are known as immunoceuticals, which is a novel term that refers to products and systems that naturally improve an individual’s immuno-competence. Examples of immunoceuticals include vitamin D3, mushroom glycans, flavonols, quercetin, omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, […]

Immune Support Recipes

Canadian Covid Care Alliance 6 Health-promoting foods, herbs, and spices that naturally support a health immune system.