Why Do Vaccines Continually Fail to Live Up to Their Promises?

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A Midwestern Doctor Vaccines are often ill-suited to contain the diseases they are made for. Because of this, false promises have to be made so the public will agree to a vaccination campaign. So as time moves forward, the goalposts have to be continually moved as the vaccines fail. The ways vaccines fail are relatively […]

The Community Microbiome

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Toby Rogers In the medical freedom movement we focus a lot on the wisdom of the body’s innate immune system. But that’s just one (very complicated) piece in a much larger and more interesting system. For the first year of life, infants don’t have much of an immune system. But nature already solved this problem. […]

Nutrition and Immunity: Lessons for COVID-19

Philip C. Calder The role of the immune system is to protect the individual against pathogenic organisms. Nutrition is one of multiple factors that determines the immune response and good nutrition is important in supporting the immune response. Immunity can be impaired in older people, particularly those who are frail, in those living with obesity, […]

A Common Sense Approach to Respiratory Viruses – Part 1

Christof Plothe Viruses, like recent bacteria, are considered responsible for human diseases. Infectious diseases are indeed the foundation of modern medicine as we know it. But we learned in the last decades that 99% of bacteria around us benefit our health and environment. Did you know that the same applies to viruses? In fact, if […]

Cognitive Dissonance: The Immune System Construct

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newmedicineonline.com When understanding the construct of an immune system we must begin with Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Second and Fourth Biological Law of German New Medicine. The Second Biological Law explains the two phases of all disease – providing there is a resolution to the conflict. The Fourth Biological Law explains the beneficial role […]

Here’s How You Can Optimize Your Natural Immune System

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World Council For Health Natural immunity is our body’s natural system of protection against micro-organisms including bacteria, parasites, and viruses. We can protect ourselves against any number of pathogens including the virus that causes Covid-19. This guide provides a basic outline of the immune system and an introduction to optimizing immune function through food, lifestyle […]

IgG4 and Cancer – A Mechanism of Action for Cancer Relapse and Onset

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Jessica Rose I refer you all to a paper published in 2016 in Current Allergy and Asthma Reports entitled: “IgG4 Characteristics and Functions in Cancer Immunity”. This paper reveals that not only is there a link between tumor progression and the presence of IgG4 due to class switching, but that this link might even be […]

Antibodies & Immunity: Dispelling Two More Myths

Dawn Lester The immune system is claimed to ‘remember’ each antigen so that it can protect itself through the production of the ‘right antibodies’ against a further attack by that antigen. This ‘protection’ is referred to as ‘immunity’ … It is clear that antibodies and immunity are inextricably interconnected and that both are entirely reliant […]