The Mosaic of Auto-Immune Disorders in the Eyes of a Homeopath

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Ajit Kulkarni Immunology concerns with multifaceted aspects that revolve around the clinical challenges of the defense of the host, several mechanisms involved in the fight for survival, tumor immunology, allergic reactions, transplantations and auto-immunity. Golub and Green (1991) defined immunology as the “science of self/non-self discrimination”. This definition, although small, focuses on how important is […]

Time to Trust Your Inner Expert

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Eric Hussey … The problem in our current world is that “experts” demand our behaviors conform to their self-proclaimed expert prognostications, for which they are never held responsible in any way. No costs to those predicting the future are associated with prognostication errors. All costs of future-telling errors are borne by not-prognosticators. Those costs are […]