Colds & Flu – A Homeopathic Perspective

Nancy Gahles A recent recall of over the counter cold and cough medicines has left parents scurrying to find a stop gap treatment measure for their children and themselves. Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH, RSHom(NA) discusses specific homeopathic remedies and their benefits and suggests that the recall of these cold medicines opened the door for other […]

Flu Shots: What’s Coming Part 2

Sherri Tenpenny As we saw in Part 1 of the influenza shot, most flu shots have been made from eggs for more than 80 years. We also discussed some of the chemicals found influenza vaccines. … In the mid-1990s, the WHO began recommending the use of a cell culture alternative to the egg-based production process. […]

Flu Shots: What’s Coming Part 1

Sherri Tenpenny Historically, influenza shots contained three attenuated (weakened) viruses: two strains of influenza A and one type of influenza B. That changed in 2012 when FluMist became the first, FDA-approved quadrivalent flu vaccine, with two strains of A and two strains of B. Link to Part 2:

What is Causing the Explosion of RSV?

A Midwestern Doctor When the vaccination campaign began, many predicted it would lead to an increase in other infectious diseases … before we proceed further, I need to state that there is a major piece of evidence which argues against it, that being that the increase is also being observed in children between 0-6 months […]

The REAL Story Behind RSV & the So-Called “Tripledemic”

Kit Knightly The “tripledemic” is upon us, according to the media. What is a “tripledemic”, you ask? Apparently, it’s when we have simultaneous pandemics of influenza, Covid and RSV at the same time. … There’s a trick being played here, and as usual in the age of the “pandemic”, it’s a trick of language. e […]

Combining COVID-19 BA4/5 and Influenza mRNA

clear glass tube with brown liquid

Peter A. McCullough Recently, both Pfizer and Moderna announced they were developing a combination injection utilizing mRNA coding for the BA4/BA5 Omicron subvariant and new mRNA coding for antigens contained in the influenza virus. Because the COVID-19 component is under Emergency Use Authorization plus questionable unorthodox licensure meant to provide the legal basis for a […]

Debunking 5 Popular (and False) Notions About the 1918 Spanish Flu

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John Varoli Did the Spanish Flu really kill 50 to 100 million people? Did the pandemic last 2 years? Was the influenza virus really the killer? Did government censorship prevent the public from hearing about a deadly disease spreading in 1918? Did everyone wear masks and were they effective? Was Philadelphia’s Liberty Loans Parade a […]