Physician, Heal Thyself

Andrea Halewood You were once so energised by ideals; you wanted to help others – to make a difference. Recall that alert, inquisitive trainee who dreamt of a medical career; who wanted to care for others, to save lives. Remember your dedication: the hours you laboured; the sacrifices made willingly and your delight in your […]

Data Leak Reveals Disturbing Facts About mRNA Stability

Joseph Mercola The reason health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists is because the vials are all different — and the mRNA in the shots is not intact. For an effective mRNA product, the mRNA integrity needs to be 100%, meaning all the RNA must be intact. Considering how ineffective the […]

Lancet, COVID-19, and the Modeling of Fallcy

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David Bell There is supposed to be a clear line between medical publishing and propaganda. No less so than in the pages of the Lancet, previously been considered a relative bastion of integrity in publishing. Honesty in medical publishing, meaning publication on the basis of transparent rigorous review and impartiality, is of particular importance to […]