Blockbuster Weight-Loss Drug Linked to Serious Kidney Issues

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Joseph Mercola Semaglutide, the blockbuster drug being used for weight loss, is slated to bring in more than $10 billion in annual sales but serious adverse e!ects are emerging. A study using data from Eudravigilance, Europe’s system for analyzing adverse reactions to medications, found a high prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders among users. Other semaglutide patients […]

Kidney Collecting Tubules Constellation (German New Medicine) Disorientation, a loss of sense of time, and confusion are symptoms of so-called Alzheimer’s disease (see also Alzheimer’s with short-term memory loss and dementia related to a (Post)Sensory Cortex Constellation). In conventional medicine it is assumed that Alzheimer’s is either genetic, caused by a B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism, systemic infections, or the consequence of a stroke. Dr. Hamer’s research shows that the mental condition presented with […]

Autoimmune Diseases in Chinese Medicine – Part 2

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Giovanni Maciocia Obviously there is no theory of “autoimmune” diseases in Chinese medicine. However, by analyzing the nature of autoimmunity and of the Chinese correspondent of the immune system (which I shall call “defence system”) , we can formulate certain theories. In my opinion, autoimmunity implies seven aspects from a Chinese perspective which set it […]