Analysis of Vaccine Reactions After COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses Among Pregnant and Lactating Individuals

pregnant woman holding her womb

Alisa Kachikis et al. COVID-19 vaccine boosters or third doses are recommended for adolescents and adults who completed their initial COVID-19 vaccine course more than 5 months prior. Minimal data are available on COVID-19 vaccine booster or third dose reactogenicity among pregnant and lactating individuals. As of April4,2022, 17014 eligible participants (mean[SD]age,33.3[3.5]years)responded to the booster […]

121 Breastfed Infants Had “Issues” after Maternal Vaccination in Just ONE Study!

woman in white long sleeve shirt carrying baby in red and white long sleeve shirt

Igor Chudov … The point of th[e] article was to provide a strong confirmation that Covid-19 vaccination in pregnant or lactating women is “safe and effective”. Yeah, it is safe and effective… except for one small problem mentioned in passing… 121 breastfed infants were having problems after their mothers received their booster shots. The nature […]