Lipid Nanoparticles Corrupt Nature

Cells under Microscope

Christ Flowers This report delves into the history of lipid nanoparticles, as well as their use by pharmaceutical companies as a casing for mRNA in the COVID vaccines. It concludes that the use of the lipid nanoparticles to deliver mRNA causes widespread and significant harms to the human body. Without the lipid nanoparticles, mRNA cannot […]

What Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous?

A Midwestern Doctor In the past, unless you were a parent who lost a child to SIDS, deaths from vaccines were typically not an issue of immediate concern. However, now that the spike protein vaccines are triggering the emergence of sudden adult death syndrome, this has become an issue that affects everyone. Because of this, […]

Alarming New Report from Working Group of Vaccine Analysis in Germany and Other Countries

Ana Maria Mihalcea The COVID-19 vaccination programs must be stopped immediately The German Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis has made its initial findings publicly available in a wide-ranging report: 1. Toxic substances were found in all of the samples of COVID-19 vaccines – without exception.  2. The blood samples of all the people who […]