Covid and Marburg Weapons System

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Sasha Latypova Three years of non-stop propaganda of “covid” everything, but few people realize that in fact, we have had 2 “scary scary virus” epidemics since 2020: covid AND Marburg! Did you know that? … on December 9, 2020, HHS Secretary Alex Azar issued another PREP Act coverage declaration for countermeasures and activities related to […]

About Marburg Virus and Homoeopathic Approach

Don J. Scott Berin G Marburg virus disease is a highly virulent disease that causes haemorrhagic fever, with a fatality ratio of up to 88%. It is in the same family as the virus that causes Ebola virus disease. Two large outbreaks that occurred simultaneously in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany, and in Belgrade, Serbia, […]

The Marburg “Virus:” Precursor to Ebola

Mike Stone The first people “infected” had been exposed to Ugandan imported African green monkeys or their tissues while conducting research In some cases, patients died from severe hemorrhagic shock on the day after hospital admissionNote that there is zero information on what treatments the patients underwent before and after admission to the hospital which […]

No Indication to Support Suggestions of a Marburg Pandemic

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World Council for Health The World Council for Health (WCH) is continuously monitoring the emergence of new and old diseases around the world with potential for health concerns. Recent news from Ghana has confirmed two cases of Marburg virus, which were reported by Ghana Health Service on Monday, July 18, 2022. Two people diagnosed with […]