What Made Doctors Do the Right Thing During COVID-19?

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A Midwestern Doctor Since I was very young, I noticed a minority of people “got it” and could see through the current lie everyone else was falling for. Being like this can be incredibly isolating, so I tried to seek these people out and connect them. As time went forward, the question we all asked […]

The Desmet/Malone Ideology of Mass Psychosis Blames the Citizens and Not the Global Predators

Peter Breggin & Ginger Breggin Desmet proposes that a large segment of the population suffers from self-induced mass transformations, otherwise known as mass hypnosis, and popularized as “mass psychosis” by Robert Malone, MD. Whether Desmet or Malone consciously intended it, their ideology has seriously harmful effects similar to a psyops — a psychological operation — […]

How ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Formed Society’s Acceptance of COVID Restrictions

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David Marks Historians analyzing the COVID-19 pandemic will one day consider what was going on in the minds of those who supported a narrative that only served profits and power. Looking back, they will greatly appreciate the analysis of contemporary experts, particularly Mattias Desmet, a professor in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at […]

The Cult & the Sacrifice

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Paul Bali Health by Hypnosis Milgram showed the majority’s extreme deference to a lab master “dressed in a gray technician’s coat”. [1] To the Dubious at the switch labelled DANGER: SEVERE SHOCK, Milgram’s master sternly warned “The Experiment requires you to continue.” Today’s dubious—those hesitant to mask up, to take the jab, to fire good employees—are told […]

The Psychology of Mimetic Contagion

Aaron Kheriaty My friend and colleague Dr. Mary Talley Bowden recently posed this important question, which has puzzled many people during the pandemic: Such a great question. A friend of mine from the age of 5 won’t have anything to do with me now because of my Covid views. I know we’ve all experienced this. […]