Are Vaccines Changing the Microbiome of Mankind?

Teresa Conrick Vaccines.  The idea of them seems so good.  Inject a recipe of chemicals into human beings and animals, and they are then protected from microbial-causing diseases. The reality though for many families is something went wrong, either immediately after vaccination – seizures, death, or from that point forward, profound changes in health and development […]

Why We Need to Reexamine the Risk/Benefit Tradeoffs of Vaccines

Stephanie Seneff The recent media blitz on the measles outbreak in Disneyland has caused even greater polarization than that which previously existed between pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine camps.  … It is very difficult to weigh the pros and cons of any given vaccine properly, or even on the vaccination concept in general. The public forum promoted […]

MMR Vaccination and Autism

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Andrew J. Wakefield Hypothesis testing and presentation of the outcome—either positive or negative—is a fundamental part of the scientific process. Accordingly we have published studies that both do, and do not support a role for measles virus in chronic intestinal inflammation: this is called integrity. The latest of these studies was strongly positive, and was accepted by the […]

The Misunderstood Theory of Herd Immunity

Marco Cáceres Because of the recent outbreaks of measles in the United States and the re-energized public debate about vaccines and vaccination policy, we’re again starting to hear references to the theory of “herd immunity.” The theory is the foundation for the mass vaccination campaigns around the world. It currently stipulates that in order to […]

Dismantling the Virus Theory: The “Measles Virus” as an Example

Stefan Lanka The present notion of a virus is based on the ancient ideas that all diseases were caused by poisons (“toxins”) and that people would regain their health by producing “antitoxins” as an “antidote”. Indeed, a few diseases are caused by poisons. The subsequent idea, that the body can restore its health by producing […]