Killing the Germ Theory

Amandha Dawn Vollmer Since microorganisms are pleomorphic (they change shape) based on the pH and toxicity of the terrain, how can they be categorized and said to cause a specific disease? And then how can you make a “shot” for them? How can something even have “immunity” to them when they are your own cells […]

Hippocratic vs. Technocratic Medicine

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Aaron Kheriaty Many of our technocrats seem undeterred by the failure of public health policies and associated new technologies to mitigate the COVID pandemic. Consider, for example, Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines. How successful was this technology in its first large- scale trial run in humans?

Why Primum Non Nocere?

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Francis Christian Who must we first not harm? Without doubt, the human body itself – itself the hero that is born, grows, fends off disease and heals itself against almost impossible odds. To inflict harm against this miraculous repository of structure and function and self- correcting aberrations is bad enough. But to do so carelessly […]

Food as Medicine: How Food and Diet Impact the Treatment of Disease and Disease Management

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Center for Food as Medicine Using food for prevention and treatment of disease has a long history and documented efficacy. In fact, evidence indicates that sustained dietary changes can be as effective as pharmacological interventions in treating certain diseases, especially in the early stages of the disease. In some instances, a long- term, specific diet […]

Curing the Pandemic of Misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines through Real Evidence-based Medicine – Part 2

Aseem Malhotra Authorities and sections of the medical profession have supported unethical, coercive, and misinformed policies such as vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, undermining the principles of ethical evidence-based medical practice and informed consent. These regrettable actions are a symptom of the ‘medical information mess’: The tip of a mortality iceberg where prescribed medications are […]

The Science™ Takes Public Hit As Widespread Misconduct Spotlighted

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Jefferey Jaxen Americans were greeted with the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitting a ‘mistake’ in the pandemic response. Out of the other side of CDC head Walensky’s mouth, she called for a restructuring of the agency. … No more discriminating against the unvaccinated says new CDC guidance. It’s […]

Why Most Published Research Finds Are False

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John P. A. Ioannidis There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. The probability that a research claim is true may depend on study power and bias, the number of other studies on the same question, and, importantly, the ratio of true to no relationships among the relationships probed in each […]

Scientism, Not Science, Rules the Roost

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Joseph Mercola Science has long been regarded as a stronghold of logic and reason. Scientists don’t draw conclusions based on emotions, feelings or sheer faith. It’s all about building a body of reproducible evidence. Well, that’s what it used to be, but as technocracy and transhumanism have risen to the fore, it has brought with […]