Biochemical Individuality and Nutrition

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William J. Walsh Each of us has innate biochemical factors which influence personality, behavior, mental health, immune function, allergic tendencies, etc. Scientists tell us that the number of different genetic combinations possible in a child from the same two parents exceeds 42 million. It’s interesting to note that we do not possess a combination of […]

Mental Health Treatment That Works

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service Doctors report that mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, anti-social and learning disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders often have a common cause: insufficient nutrients in the brain. Nutritionally-oriented physicians assert that the cure for these problems is to give the body the extra nutrients it needs, especially when under […]

Emotional Health in the Age of Disconnection

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A Midwestern Doctor Many people believe the most significant issues facing the Western World are emotional in nature (e.g., anxiety is often termed the disease of the modern age). In turn, a common observation is how often the emotional patterns individuals carry end up controlling their lives (frequently causing them to make terrible decisions) and […]

Mental Health Nutrition (Flyer)

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The Weston A. Price Foundation Many people believe that diet has little to do with mental or emotional health. Yet hundreds of research studies prove that nutrient deficiencies and imbalances adversely affect the way we think and feel. After all, the brain and the nervous system are integral parts of our physical bodies and need […]

The Link between Food and Mental Health

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Rebecca A. Clay Can nutrition affect your mental health? A growing research literature suggests the answer could be yes. Western-style dietary habits, in particular, come under special scrutiny in much of this research. … And small dietary changes can make a big difference.  … Such studies are part of the growing evidence base within nutritional […]

Food, Mood, and Brain Health: Implications for the Modern Clinician

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Laura Lachance and Drew Ramsey Improved, innovative strategies are needed for the prevention and promotion of recovery from mental illness as these disorders leading cause of disability worldwide. This article will review the evidence linking dietary pattern to brain-based illnesses and provide an overview of the mechanisms that underlie the association between brain health and […]

Food and Mood: How Do Diet and Nutrition Affect Mental Wellbeing?

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Joseph Firth et al. … In recent years, the relationships bet­ween nutrition and mental health have gained considerable interest. Indeed, epidemiological research has observed that adherence to healthy or Mediterranean dietary patterns—high consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes; moderate consumption of poultry, eggs, and dairy products; and only occasional consumption of red meat—is associated […]

Coping With Stress the Bach Flower Way

Balaji Deekshitulu Stress management strategies such as Bach Flower Remedies are an excellent way to begin the long, hard climb back from the chaotic, stressful world, in which many of us reside. For emotional stress management, Bach Flower Essences are, by far, the best of the stress management products on the market today. The amazing […]