What is Meridian Tapping?

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Christine Morgan Meridian Tapping or Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) are techniques that utilize meridians (or acupressure points) to decrease or resolve negative emotions and/or emotionally based physical issues. MTT is actually an “umbrella” term covering several energy-based tapping therapies. Some of these therapies include: Accutap, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Pro-ER (Progressive Emotional Release), EMDR (Eye […]

Autoimmune Diseases and the Bach Flower Remedies

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Nada Marković Namely, in the case of the autoimmune diseases, as a reaction to the damage or the trauma, there is an inflammatory reaction of the tissue under attack. The trauma occurs on account of the attack carried out by one’s own immune system cells against one’s own tissues. Here the body defends itself from […]

The Human Electromagnetic Field I

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Eugenio Lepine This series of posts explains how electromagnetism is created in our bodies and used as an information carrier. The human electromagnetic field is key to understanding how our bodies function, as it stands in between the physical body and the most ethereal parts of ourselves. The Human Body has an electromagnetic-chemical language. This means that the communication and information that […]