How To Get The Bugs Out

Janet Starr Hull Many diseases and disease syndromes source to parasites, bacteria, yeast or fungus. Here are some natural ways to prevent microorganisms from finding a home inside your body, and ways to remove them if they have already set up housekeeping. If microbes are present, certain foods, medications, and food chemicals can stimulate them. […]

Oral Microbiota: A New View of Body Health

Maoyang Lu, Songyu Xuan, Zhao Wang Oral microbiota is an important part of the human microbiota. Oral microbes can be colonized into the intestine in various ways. Oral microbiota is associated with a variety of oral diseases. Recently, increasing evidence has shown that the oral microbiota is closely related to the physical state of humans, […]

Oral Microbiome Finds Challenge Dentistry Dogma

Kristina Campbell Scientists have been aware of microbes in the mouth for centuries, since Antonie van Leeuwenhoek famously reported scraping live bacteria from the inside of his mouth and observing them “very prettily a-moving” under an early microscope in the late 1600s. Subsequently, they cultured what they could from sites in the mouth and studied […]

What Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous?

A Midwestern Doctor In the past, unless you were a parent who lost a child to SIDS, deaths from vaccines were typically not an issue of immediate concern. However, now that the spike protein vaccines are triggering the emergence of sudden adult death syndrome, this has become an issue that affects everyone. Because of this, […]

Bacterial and Fungal Isolation from Face Masks under the COVID-19 Pandemic

scope image

Ah-Mee Park et al. The COVID-19 pandemic has led people to wear face masks daily in public. Although the effectiveness of face masks against viral transmission has been extensively studied, there have been few reports on potential hygiene issues due to bacteria and fungi attached to the face masks … We surveyed 109 volunteers on […]

‘Toxic Legacy’ – How Glyphosate Destroys Your Health

Joseph Mercola Glyphosate is a very efficient metal chelator. This, in turn, disrupts your gut microbesbecause it makes minerals unavailable to the microbes. Your gut microbes need thoseminerals, as their enzymes depend on them for proper functioning. There’s a strong correlation between the rise in celiac disease over time and the rise inglyphosate usage on […]