Eight Repeatedly Documented Findings Each Show that EMF Safety Guidelines Do Not Predict Biological Effects and Are, therefore Fraudulent: The Consequences for Both Microwave Frequency Exposure and also 5G

Martin L. Pall Microsoft Word – SafetyGuidelineFraud4-2-2.docx ICNIRP, US FCC, EU and other EMF safety guidelines are all based on the assumption that average EMF intensities and average SAR can be used to predict biological effects and therefore safety. Eight different types of quantitative or qualitative data are analyzed here to determine whether these safety […]

Cell Phone Health Risk?

Allan H. Frey … The controversy over whether the technology poses a risk to human health is substantial. And while much of science could be considered controversial, what has, and is, happening in microwave research is not a routine scientific dispute. Concerns about the health risk of cell phones, confusion regarding the evidence for or […]

Microwave Emissions and the Problem of Modern Viral Diseases

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S. V. Avakyan and L. A. Baranova The results of a study on the mechanisms of the influence of an increased level of microwave radiation on the growth of infectious, primarily viral, diseases in the environment are presented. This is the radiation of the earth’s ionosphere, which reached its maximum in the late 1980s–early 2000s, […]

EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease – What’s the Connection?

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Joseph Mercola The primary danger of electromagnetic elds (EMFs) — and what drives the processes of chronic disease — is the mitochondrial damage triggered by peroxynitrites. Peroxynitrites are potent reactive nitrogen species associated with systemic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction and are thought to be a root cause for many of today’s chronic diseases. You cannot […]

Why Children Absorb More Microwave Radiation Than Adults: The Consequences

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L. Lloyd Morgan et al. Computer simulation using MRI scans of children is the only possible way to determine the microwave radiation (MWR) absorbed in specific tissues in children. Children absorb more MWR than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller. MWR from wireless […]