When It Comes to Infant Milk Allergies, Many Questions Rrmain

a woman feeding a baby with a bottle of milk

Christina Szalinski (Undark) But while the evidence suggests that [Cow’s milk protein allergies] rates are climbing, the source of that increase remains unclear. Some experts say part of the reason is that doctors are getting better at recognizing symptoms. Others claim the condition is overdiagnosed, which could have health consequences, such as an increased risk […]

The Dark Side of Lab-Grown “Milk”

Grayscale Photography of Glass of Milk

dairycentral.ca Consumers opt for plant-based foods for many reasons– perceptions of health benefits, concerns about the ethics of consuming animals or concerns about the environment. This trend has food producers partnering with niche companies to use ultra-processing and fermentation technology to create inexpensive food components (e.g. proteins, starches and oils) which can be used to […]