Pfizer, FDA, Dr Walensky Knew Fetuses, Babies Died

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Naomi Wolf Pfizer’s latest-released tranche of internal documents — which the FDA sought a court to keep hidden for 75 years — confirms that Pfizer knew that women who had been “exposed” to the vaccine — including prior to pregnancy – were sustaining spontaneous abortions and miscarriages. … Pfizer knew perfectly well that it was harming multiple […]

Deep in the Wombs of Women: The Hidden Harm of Covid Vaccines

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Mary Beth Pfeiffer Organized by a group called “Where’s my cycle,” the rally focused on intimate revelations: heavy bleeding, unprecedented pain, humiliation, and elemental physical changes. These symptoms began, not coincidentally, at the start of 2021, when women put out their arms and took, or were coerced by employers to take, covid-19 vaccinations. The 300 […]

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function

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James A. Thorp et al. Objectives: Assess rates of adverse events (AE) after COVID-19 vaccines experienced by women of reproductive age, focusing on pregnancy and menstruation, using data collected by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database. Main Outcome and Measures: A proportional reporting ratio analysis […]