What Does – and Doesn’t – Make Us Sick

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Tow Cowan What makes us sick and what doesn’t make us sick? To answer that question, our first step is to understand how we as human beings come to know something. There are two basic ways. First, we can have a sensory experience of something that tells us that this thing is real. We might […]


Joseph Pizzorno My awareness of the importance of glutathione in health began with the brilliant commentary on oceanic disease (IMCJ 7.1) by associate editor Sid Baker, MD. Since then, as I have studied detoxification, mitochondrial function, and healthy aging, the critical role of adequate glutathione to health has become ever more apparent. I have now […]

The Missing Puzzle Piece Is Bioavailable Copper – Not More Iron

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Lucy Crisetig Copper and its master protein, ceruloplasmin, are instrumental for mitochondrial function. Ceruloplasmin is what drives copper into the mitochondria, and each mitochondrion needs about 50,000 atoms of copper to do its work. In a study it appears, when rats were denied copper, six genes (and subsequent proteins) are down-regulated or turned off, while […]

Melatonin as a Potential Treatment for SARS-CoV-2

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Joseph Mercola More than 140 scientific studies suggest melatonin is a useful agent for treating SARS- CoV-2, according to research published in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. Melatonin was most often researched for its ability to suppress inflammation and the cytokine storm related to COVID-19. When people with COVID-19 were given melatonin, either alone or […]

Sunshine by Day, Candlelight by Night

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Tom Cowan The new biology that humanity is moving toward revolves around an accurate conception of the living human being. In the old model, we are a kind of biochemistry set, whose guiding principles are random “collisions,” probabilities and purposeless occurrences. In the new biology, we see that we are coherent energy systems that take […]

Dangers of LED Lights

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Joseph Mercola LEDs emit nonanalog light that typically has excessive blue frequencies. Regular exposure, especially after sunset, will contribute to worsening of sleep and an increase in disease. When using LEDs, you might end up with increased cellular damage and decreased repair and regeneration. You have cells in your retina responsible for producing melatonin, which […]

EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease – What’s the Connection?

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Joseph Mercola The primary danger of electromagnetic elds (EMFs) — and what drives the processes of chronic disease — is the mitochondrial damage triggered by peroxynitrites. Peroxynitrites are potent reactive nitrogen species associated with systemic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction and are thought to be a root cause for many of today’s chronic diseases. You cannot […]

Quercetin Health Benefits Include the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease and Certain Cancers

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Joseph Mercola Quercetin has been shown to combat inflammation and acts as a natural antihistamine. Several studies have highlighted quercetin’s ability to prevent and treat both the common cold and influenza. Other, less-known benefits and uses for quercetin include the prevention and/or treatment of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, certain cancers, gout, arthritis […]