Electricity and Human Consciousness

Celtoslavica Without taking account of the relation between bio-electrical processes in the human body and electromagnetic processes in the earth, in other words body electricity and earth electricity, it will not be possible to understand clearly by what means the scientific-technological development of modem times has influenced, and continues to influence with increasing severity, the […]

Experts’ Moral Views on Gene Drives Technologies: A Qualitative Interview Study

N. de Graeff et al. Gene drive technologies (GDTs) promote the rapid spread of a particular genetic element within a population of non-human organisms. Potential applications of GDTs include the control of insect vectors, invasive species and agricultural pests. Whether, and if so, under what conditions, GDTs should be deployed is hotly debated. Although broad […]

Ethics of Vaccine Refusal

Inspirational Phrase on Personal Freedom Coming out of a Typewriter

Michael Kowalik Proponents of vaccine mandates typically claim that everyone who can be vaccinated has a moral or ethical obligation to do so for the sake of those who cannot be vaccinated, or in the interest of public health. I evaluate several previously under-theorised premises implicit to the ‘obligation to vaccinate’ type of arguments and […]

The Science and Ethics of Water Fluoridation

Howard Cohen and David Locker It is our contention that water fluoridation, by the very nature of the way it is administered, engenders a number of moral dilemmas that do not admit to any easy solution. In this paper, we attempt to elucidate the particular problems posed by this public health initiative, according to the […]

Lockdowns, Closures, and the Loss of Moral Clarity

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Jeffrey A. Tucker … Recent surveys of people in forced covid isolation have found that some 30% develop strong symptoms of PTSD over the course of weeks. In this case, an already imbalanced kid found personal meaning through his own perceived “race” identity. He invented a sense of belongingness through an imagined artificial solidarity with […]